M-29. emergencyResume does not handle the afterDepositCancellation case correctly

Submitted by 0xCiphky.


The emergencyResume function is intended to recover the vault's liquidity following an emergencyPause. It operates under the assumption of a successful deposit call. However, if the deposit call is cancelled by GMX, the emergencyResume function does not account for this scenario, potentially locking funds.

Vulnerability Details

When emergencyResume is invoked, it sets the vault's status to "Resume" and deposits all LP tokens back into the pool. The function is designed to execute when the vault status is "Paused" and can be triggered by an approved keeper.
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function emergencyResume( GMXTypes.Store storage self ) external { GMXChecks.beforeEmergencyResumeChecks(self); self.status = GMXTypes.Status.Resume; self.refundee = payable(msg.sender); GMXTypes.AddLiquidityParams memory _alp; _alp.tokenAAmt = self.tokenA.balanceOf(address(this)); _alp.tokenBAmt = self.tokenB.balanceOf(address(this)); _alp.executionFee = msg.value; GMXManager.addLiquidity( self, _alp ); }
Should the deposit fail, the callback contract's afterDepositCancellation is expected to revert, which does not impact the continuation of the GMX execution. After the cancellation occurs, the vault status is "Resume", and the liquidity is not re-added to the pool.
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function afterDepositCancellation( bytes32 depositKey, IDeposit.Props memory /* depositProps */, IEvent.Props memory /* eventData */ ) external onlyController { GMXTypes.Store memory _store = vault.store(); if (_store.status == GMXTypes.Status.Deposit) { if (_store.depositCache.depositKey == depositKey) vault.processDepositCancellation(); } else if (_store.status == GMXTypes.Status.Rebalance_Add) { if (_store.rebalanceCache.depositKey == depositKey) vault.processRebalanceAddCancellation(); } else if (_store.status == GMXTypes.Status.Compound) { if (_store.compoundCache.depositKey == depositKey) vault.processCompoundCancellation(); } else { revert Errors.DepositCancellationCallback(); } }
Given this, another attempt to execute emergencyResume will fail because the vault status is not "Paused".
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function beforeEmergencyResumeChecks ( GMXTypes.Store storage self ) external view { if (self.status != GMXTypes.Status.Paused) revert Errors.NotAllowedInCurrentVaultStatus(); }
In this state, an attempt to revert to "Paused" status via emergencyPause could fail in GMXManager.removeLiquidity, as there are no tokens to send back to the GMX pool, leading to a potential fund lock within the contract.


The current implementation may result in funds being irretrievably locked within the contract.

Tools Used

Manual Analysis


To address this issue, handle the afterDepositCancellation case correctly by allowing emergencyResume to be called again.