L-12. Missing chainlink price feed

Submitted by FalconHoof.

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Chainlink does not provide a price feed for SOL token on Avalanche.

Vulnerability Details

One of the in-scope tokens SOL on the Avalanche blockchain (see README.md) does not have a corresponding Chainlink pricefeed which makes pricing impossible as currently designed. See available Chainlink pricefeeds here
Price Feeds are not set in the constructor of GMXVault.sol so it is possible that the Strategy Vault could be deployed before the missing price feed was noticed.


This issue affects some core protocol functions, which would make the core operations of a Strategy Vault using SOL on Avalanche impossible: GMXReader.sol::convertToUsdValue() GMXReader.sol::delta() GMXOracle.sol::_getTokenPriceMinMaxFormatted()

Tools Used

Manual Review


Use another Oracle for pricing SOL or remove SOL from the scope of eligible tokens on the AValanche chain.