M-13. Incorrect state transition may cause vault in stuck

Submitted by 0xAsen, rvierdiiev, pks27, TheSchnilch, kz0213871, nervouspika, 0xhacksmithh. Selected submission by: pks27.

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Incorrect state transition may cause vault in stuck under processCompoundCancellation scenario.

Vulnerability Details

When keeper execute compound action and GMXCallback return afterDepositCancellation action, then protocol will call GMXCompound#processCompoundCancellation function to change vault status.
However, vault status is changed to GMXTypes.Status.Compound_Failed instead of GMXTypes.Status.Open by GMXCompound#processCompoundCancellation function, which is different with document described below:
and All scenarios should be handled to ensure vault eventually returns to an Open status. Consider how a scenario might lead to a stuck vault (other statuses).


Vault may stuck in unexpected state after processCompoundCancellation action.

Tools Used

vscode, Manual Review


Change the vault status to Open instead of Compound_Failed when call GMXCompound#processCompoundCancellation function.