Current Strategy Vault Types
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Upcoming Strategy Vault Types
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Primary Benefits of the Vaults

Boosted Yields
Unlock the power of your current capital! Since your position will be auto-rebalancing and liquidation-free, we offer 3x leveraged positions with minimal downside risks. In the future, based on TVL metrics, we will increase that leverage to provide more rewarding choices for our users.
Sophisticated Auto-Rebalancing
In order to provide better risk management for investors, our Vaults have multiple "rules" for triggering a rebalancing of assets. One rule, for example, is a common one based on the "debt ratio" of the position. Through various means of smart hedging, we can protect user investments by reducing exposure to severe impermanent loss.
For a comprehensive overview of our Automated Risk Management (ARM) system: https://blog.steadefi.com/steadefi's-automated-risk-management-(arm)
No Liquidation Risk
In the case that our automatic rebalancing rules fail to trigger and maintain a market-neutral position, users still need not fear liquidation. The lending/borrowing aspects of our Vaults come from our own Lending pools, which do not possess a liquidation feature. Additionally, our auto-rebalancing mechanisms will work to ensure your positions are never placed in bad debt to lenders.
Maximize your yields and continue to stay as hands-off as possible with our auto-compounding feature, which takes your position's yielded farming tokens, e.g., AVAX, and reinvests them into your principal amount.
No lock-up
Users are free to deposit and withdraw at any time without any penalties or extra costs.