For both DeFi novices and professional institutions alike, our Lending Vaults offer easy-to-use mechanics and highly-competitive utilization and yield rates.
Simply deposit the token of your choice and earn the yields provided by borrowers using our strategy vaults.
Furthermore, Steadefi's tech provides highly capital-efficient borrowing, which allows users to secure undercollateralized loans for yield farming.
With regard to the lending risks
  • Our borrowers cannot withdraw their borrowed funds from our platform, ensuring the platform maintains strict control over the funds.
  • Our protocol's strategy vaults will rebalance the leverage exposure for users in order to significantly reduce the possibility of bad debt ratios.
  • Each lending pool is connected directly (or β€œisolated”) to its own specific strategy vault, which will isolate any risks in case of exploit or strategy malfunction on a particular strategy vault.
As a final note, there are no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees and no default lockups for our lending vaults.
Protocol Fees
A 20% fee is charged on interest earned to lenders.