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Steadefi is the next-gen DeFi protocol designed to provide the highest and most sustainable real yields to our investors without the stress of constant position management or the prolonged downturns of the crypto markets.
By integrating with the best underlying yield sources, Steadefi aims to optimize existing opportunities, while also continually searching for innovative ways to earn more yield from a wide variety of sources.
We truly believe we are building a DeFi platform that will offer profitable, fully-automated positions for all market conditions, bear or bull.
In short, we aim to
  • offer boosted yield opportunities with predictable returns,
  • gather a global community of DeFi optimists looking for both high-yield and risk management,
  • increase partnerships and expand our network with reputable protocols,
  • provide features and strategy paths for every type of investor class.

Protocol Overview

Steadefi offers two tracks for investors, Yield Seekers and Yield Lenders.
Yield Seekers can choose from three different types of strategy vaults: AMM Swap, Perpetual Exchange, and Liquid Staking. Each type of vault uses our internal undercollateralized lending system to provide leveraged yields.
Yield Lenders provide the collateral for our vaults in isolated lending vaults. To further manage risk, each lending pools is restricted to its own specific type of vault.
Each vault is maintained by our keepers (bots) that manage the risk in the vaults (rebalance) depending on multiple parameters, such as debt ratios or desired price exposure (delta).
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